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Now that you have carefully evaluated the job share option, it is time to consider the various benefits associated for both the employer and the employee.

Benefits to the employer
• A practical way to attract and retain experienced staff who would not otherwise be interested in a full time position due to personal commitments
• Increased stability and staff retention in instances where very demanding role would otherwise result in high turnover rates
• Extend and retain 'intellectual capital', where two employees instead of one have the knowledge to perform and maintain a role, cross train one another and provide support and encouragement
• Extra Support for those times of year where your business may need extra ordinary input for special projects
• Lower Absenteeism, where employees fulfil their personal responsibilities outside of work hours
• Extended business hours, allowing your business to run six or even seven days without overburdening the one employee. A shared position can cover extra days and any extended hours required easily, without incurring costs for overtime
• A wider range of skills for the benefit of the company, where two staff contribute their combined skills and experience
Benefits to the employee
• Meet personal responsibilities unavailable to the individual working in a full-time role. Job Share allows the individual to create a sense of balance in their life whilst continuing to keep them in meaningful employment
• Career preservation where for some it is essential to preserve their career skills and have a sense of status and progression within their industry or profession
• Knowledge shared - An opportunity to learn and enhance your skill base through cross training and the sharing of knowledge and experience with your job share partner
• Back up assistance is likely to be automatically available in this situation should there be a need for someone else to step in and continue a task or take on a certain responsibility. This would of course depend on the other person's personal commitments and responsibilities

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Job Share Benefits

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This article was published on 2010/04/01